Conscious Communicator Tip #15 – Communication Sin #3: A Lack of Immediacy (or Communication Procrastination!) (300 words or less)

Communication Sin #3 is a Lack of Immediacy or Promptness.

Some people might call this procrastination! I’m one of them.

This is the avoidance of communication.

This is another communication sin that is a conscious epidemic.

Most of the six other communication sins are due to a lack of awareness of the communication strategy. This series, and my work in this area, is bringing these damaging leadership and workplace communication habits to leaders’ conscious awareness for the first time.

But, this one, we feel.

We feel it virtually every minute of every day. It hangs over us like a ticking time bomb as we worry and fret over:

  • what we have to say,
  • To whom we have to say it, and
  • What the reaction we will have to deal with after we say it

NOTE: A Lack of Immediacy or Promptness is directly related, 99% of the time to what you’ll be reading about down the road in Communication Sin #7, a Lack of Directness & Candor.

I know, because this was my biggest fault as a leader with my communication.

What are the conversations you need to have that you know you are putting off.

This is a leadership communication style I call “avoid and tolerate.”

As the leader continues to avoid the communication and conversations that need to happen, they and everyone in the workplace is forced to tolerate the impact.

Before now and next week’s Conscious Communicator Tip, notice the conversations or communications you are avoiding?

It won’t be hard because they are at the forefront of your mind; distracting your thoughts from the real work you should be doing as an organizational leader, sapping your most creative energies.

Next week I’ll address why, as organizational leaders, we do this to ourselves!

’til next time, make it a great week!