Conscious Communicator Tip #20 – Revisiting a “Lack of Specificity” (< 320 words)

It was not my intent to revisit communication sins in this series once I move on, but a common situation occurred last week you need to be aware of.

A trusted colleague referred me to someone in her company because she thought my communication trainings would be of huge value.

After receiving an e-mail introducing me, her boss responded with an e-mail Thursday afternoon, that read:

“Sure, I’d be happy to speak with Skip. Have him give me a call anytime.”

I responded asking if I could give him a call anytime between 1-3pm Friday.

He replied:

“I’m actually off Friday and Monday.”

Obviously “anytime” was not what he meant.

Sometimes to make a point my wife accuses me of being too literal. In my mind, this was not one of those times.

“Anytime” is just not specific enough and is disingenuous. Could I call him at 2am on a Sunday? Certainly not!

We’re now going back and forth trying to figure out a mutually amenable time.

Here’s a “specificity” tip when setting an appointment with someone:

Offer 3 options on three different days with time windows (of morning or afternoon), and ask the individual to select a specific time within a certain window, such as:

“Here are 3 days/times that work for me, please select a specific time within these 3 windows and we can lock it in on our respective calendars:

  •                         Monday, June 3rd anytime between 10am-12noon eastern
  •                         Tuesday, June 4th anytime between 2pm-4pm eastern
  •                         Thursday, June 6th anytime between 3pm-5pm eastern

Chances are one of those 3 options will work for the other person, and they have the flexibility to select the specific time within the window. This way each person gains a sense of control over scheduling the appointment and is more committed to it.

Communicating this way saves 2-4 emails when setting appointments with a colleague.

Give it a try and save time.

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’til next time, make it a great week!
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