Conscious Communicator Tip #21 – Why Sarcasm Hurts & Too Many Suffer in Silence (< 227 words)

Two weeks ago here I wrote about one big way the Communication Sin of Inappropriate Tone & Body Language manifests in the workplace, which is sarcasm.
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After reading that blog post, a good friend and colleague Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach (, wrote me a note that read:

“Skip, in my ongoing study of the root meaning of words, I recently looked up the root of Sarcasm.  It’s from the Latin, of course, taken from the Greek sarkazein, which means to “tear flesh!” That’s why sarcasm feels so painful!”

I received his email 30-minutes before my luncheon keynote in front of about 250 at the Northern Utah Project Management Institute Chapter’s Professional Development Day. I immediately decided to share that note with the audience.

I noticed a significant number of nodding heads and knowing looks, letting me know that many had experienced the “tearing of flesh” feeling being on the wrong side of sarcastic remarks.

Between Jim’s word origin research and the real time research of the audience reaction in front of me during my keynote address I am convinced the points I made in my post two weeks ago were spot on. If you missed it, go here and read it now!

What is your experience of being on the wrong side of sarcasm?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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