Conscious Communicator Tip #26Communicate So That You Get the Focused Attention You Desire & Deserve (< 300 words)

After 3 segments of telling you to put down the technology and clear your mind at all times to give others your focused attention, this final segment is going on focus the opposite side of the equation.

If we are going to commit to giving another our focused attention, then the individual coming to us is equally responsible for communicating in a way that deserves our attention.

Our time (and theirs) is precious and shouldn’t be wasted with incoherent blather.

Rest assured my coaching on giving people your 100% focused attention is not one-sided. There is responsibility on the other side. That also includes us, when we are communicating and expecting another’s 100% focused attention.

Therefore, when communicating, make sure what you are saying deserves another’s focused attention.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Be respectful of the other person. Ask upfront if it is a good time to speak. Ask for a specific number of minutes, or ask if you should schedule a more appropriate time. (make sure your estimation of the time you need is close to accurate, or you will lose credibility for next time).
  2. Be focused in your content and delivery. Know the key point you want to make with as little backstory as possible.
  3. Be an object of interest. Make your story, if you have one, engaging and interesting. Put it in the context of why it is important for the other person to listen fully (put the WII-FM “What’s In It For ME” upfront from their perspective).
  4. Chunk your points into 3 succinct bullets. The human mind easily can grasp three things and not much more.

Key point for this segment again is, if you want someone’s focused attention, communicate consciously in a way that shows you deserve it.

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