Conscious Communicator Tip #27I Was Wrong & 10,000 Business Professionals Were Correct (< 280 words)

When I first wrote my white paper on The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication in the spring of 2011 I placed these interpersonal communication mistakes in no particular order of importance or severity.

At the time, I believed no one of the seven were any more detrimental to organizational performance than the others.

Well, I was wrong.

After delivering my seminar on The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication to more than 10,000 business professionals in the two years since publishing the white paper has convinced me that there is one more detrimental than the other six.

(If you haven’t yet read this report, I encourage you to download your copy for free at )

It’s a “Lack of Directness & Candor!”

In the first edition of the report this communication sin was buried in the third position. In version 2.0 that I released in the fall of 2012, it is now in seventh position.

I placed it at the very end because its best to leave the reader or workshop attendee with this communication sin as the last impression and the one they remember most prominently.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be discussing this communication sin, outlining the variety of ways it manifests in the workplace, and how many organizational leaders enable this communication sin to perpetuate.

So, in preparation for this mini-series, I’d like to hear from you and what your experience is with regard to a “Lack of Directness and Candor” in your organization, and how it is a problem for you and your co-workers or employees.

Please leave a comment below and start a discussion on this issue so we can begin to turn around this epidemic of poor communication habits in the workplace.

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