Conscious Communicator Tip #28 A Culture of Directness & Candor Has to Start at the Top of Organizations(< 315 words)

A number of comments to last week’s initial blog article on A Lack of Directness & Candor communication sin led me right into today’s.

So many organizations suffer unnecessarily from under-performing employees in the workplace because of this communication sin. It occurs at all levels of organization, even at senior leadership.

I had a conversation on Friday with a prospect who continually repeated the need for greater accountability and better performance from two significant revenue generating departments. He wanted me to create a “motivational” program to improve performance.

After listening for about 20 minutes I told him it sounded more like a problem with senior leadership needing to get on the same page strategically for the organization. I told him I thought they needed to engage in direct and candid discussions among themselves on setting a new strategic course for their company.

We’re meeting again to have that discussion next week.

Virtually every performance problem in an organization is related to a lack of directness and candor.

Few organizational leaders have the communication skills to promptly, directly & respectfully confront performance issues, and fewer can candidly address behavior issues effectively.

Failing to address both performance and behavior issues directly and candidly kills organizations. It becomes a cancer that rots organizations from the inside out, creating toxic work environments.

Its one thing for co-workers to talk behind each others’ backs, or to tattle-tale on co-workers for job security in stressful situations, but when the management allows it to occur, perpetuating the negativity, it is doubly damaging.

There are a few strategies that can solve this issue and after identifying some other ways a “Lack of Directness & Candor” manifest in organizations next week, I’ll discuss those turn around strategies.

Please leave a comment below to add your experience around the issue of a lack of directness and candor in the organizations in which you’ve worked.

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