Conscious Communicator Tip #29 Too Many Organizations Avoid the Tough Issues(< 300 words)

My first organizational consulting client had serious issues in its workplace that senior leadership was avoiding, which eventually led to the invitation for me to come in to help.

Upon my initial investigation I learned there were significant performance and behavior problems of key personnel that were negatively impacting the motivation, morale and productivity in the office.

In this close knit, small family owned business the owner of the company needed outside help to address the issues because he was too close to the personnel to confront the issues directly with each, so they were avoided.

In organizations large and small there are “elephants in the room,” as they are called, that negatively  impact the people in the work environment.

Most everyone can at least feel, if not see what’s going on, that for one reason or another are never directly dealt with.

At best the issues are vaguely referred to in group meetings, and are glossed over with no action plan or substantive conversation to seriously address and repair the problems.

The reasons are manifold. Some of it is fear. Some of it is an “not my job” attitude of leaders in the department or division.

Whatever the reason it always is a failure of leadership.

Here’s an important question…

What issues are taking place in your workplace, that are clear to the people working in it, that everyone is talking about among themselves in the break room or around the dinner table to spouses, but not with people in the organization who can and should be doing something about them but instead are choosing to ignore or avoid them?

Please leave a comment below to add your experience around addressing the “elephants in the room” in organizations in this context of a lack of directness and candor.

’til next time,
skip weisman, transforming leadership and workplace communication to deliver champion level results