Conscious Communicator Tip #36 – Immaturity In the Workplace, Does It Exist and How? Discuss!

In the last two seminars I’ve delivered on The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication participants have shared with me very similar frustrations with communication within their workplaces.

One group used the phrase “tired of the high school drama,” and the other “acting like kindergartners.”

Both sent a message of frustration with immaturity in an adult workplace.

The way the seminar is structured participants notice the specific behaviors and communication styles that create those situations as we go through the 7 Communication Sins during the program.

Since the program isn’t set up to deal directly with those type of workplace behavior issues I don’t go into the causes and solutions, but can certainly address them here.

The primary reason these immature communications and behaviors occur in workplaces today is that their organization’s performance management system isn’t designed to deal with it, so it perpetuates.

Another interesting phenomenon is that I believe this immature workplace behavior is manifesting from the more veteran team members than the younger generation (just my hunch), and when it does no one is addressing it.

As these immature workplace behaviors do unaddressed the message sent that it is permitted, enabling the perpetuation of them, causing everyone in the environment to tolerate the behaviors and the resulting culture that manifests.

Thus becoming one of the primary outcomes from a work environment where Communication Sin #7 “A Lack of Directness & Candor” is common.

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‘til next time, leave a comment below about your experience with “immaturity in the workplace” to extend the discussion,


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