Conscious Communicator Tip #42How 3 Communication Sins Impact Performance Management

The more I deliver my signature talk at conferences and client training sessions, the more I learn about The 7 Deadliest Communication Sins’ impact on the work environment.

In facilitating a recent training for a client, we discovered a powerful relationship between three of the seven deadliest communication sins.

Many organizations struggle with people effectively engaging in performance conversations. This client’s environment was similar.

During our discussion we discovered a correlation between these communication sins:

  • † Lack of Specificity
  • † Lack of Immediacy & Promptness
  • † Lack of Directness & Candor

There is a tendency for managers to struggle around performance conversations with direct reports. Reason being, is that often performance expectations at the beginning of the performance period are too general and vague, steeped in a Lack of Specificity.

This makes it very difficult for a leader to have a direct, candid conversation around performance results because there is a strong likelihood original expectations are understood differently by each party.

Therefore, the leader engages in a Lack of Immediacy and Promptness procrastinating on writing the performance review because difficult discussions with a direct report have ensued in the past where performance is debated from much different perspectives.

This then causes a Lack of Directness & Candor when it comes time for the actual performance discussion, if and when it occurs.

Additionally, due to a leader’s personal issues around self-esteem and the need for being liked, many organizational leaders are afraid of having a direct, candid conversation with specificity around performance expectations on the front end.

This leads to a Lack of Immediacy and Promptness (procrastination) and a Lack of Directness & Candor when it comes time for the performance conversation.

In organizations where this dynamic is the norm you will find a workplace with much drama and defensiveness.

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