Conscious Communicator Tip #5 – People Are Doing the Best They Can (300 words or less)

Conscious communicators become “champion” power communicators when they adopt certain beliefs about how they should communicate. Over the next two weeks you will learn the second and third key beliefs that make the difference in your ability to exert positive influence.

The second of these 3 power beliefs is, People Are Doing the Best They Can With the Resources They Have Available.

Each of us has had times when we are not functioning at our best and do things counter to what we should or what others important people in our sphere of influence expect. It is in those times we would hope to be offered the “benefit of the doubt.”

When people disappoint us and perform beneath our expectations, we begin to build negative references for the type of person they are. In those times, we are often quick to judge instead of assess.

This belief offers us the opportunity to assess what is happening with this individual and how we can help them succeed the next time.

What resources am I talking about? Emotional resources, financial resources, skill and talent resources, educational and knowledge resources to name a few.

When we look at other’s actions and behaviors through this filter it allows us to look for solutions and opportunities to help people grow. It is also high on the scale of empathy and compassion, which builds high level of trust giving you the ability to exert positive influence.

It’s also a great coaching tool. Give it a shot to build high-performing teams by developing your people using this communication belief to help them get even better.

skip weisman, transforming leadership and workplace communication to deliver champion level results