Conscious Communicator Tip #6 – The Meaning of Any Communication Is the Response (300 words or less)

Conscious communicators become “champion” power communicators when they adopt certain beliefs about how they should communicate. The third and final key belief that makes the difference in your ability to exert positive influence is, The Meaning of Any Communication Is the Repose You Get.

Remember the last time you communicated something to someone with a specific intent in mind and you expected a certain response from the individual with whom you communicated, but you received a response 180 degrees opposite what you expected.

What did that feel like? How did you react and respond?

If you are like most people I run into (and, I understand if you are reading this Conscious Communicator Blog you may not have this problem), they immediately blame the other person, and react accordingly. This does not help build the positive relationships and high-levels of trust you need to lead.

Champion communicators know they must take responsibility for the message they are sending and ensuring the person or persons with whom they are communicating get the message as intended.

When these “mis-communications” occur, instead of blaming the other, they look inside and take responsibility for how they could have communicated more effectively to get that message through as desired.

Granted, often, it is the fault of the other. Yet, we as the leader must take the lead in investigating the true cause by starting with ourselves and our communication style.

If this occurs frequently with the same individual with the same topic, I apply a rule from my baseball days of 3 strikes and take responsibility for the communication 2-3 times before looking to the other for help.

This approach gives you the opportunity to build a track record of taking responsibility, which you can use when addressing the issue with the challenged individual.

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