Conscious Communicator Tip #32:Communicating Like My New Toaster-Over

We recently purchased a new toaster oven for our kitchen and it was long overdue.

To toast anything with our old toaster-oven we had to stay in the kitchen monitoring the progress of the item because the sensor was broken.

If we didn’t keep an eye on the toasting, the item would burn and potentially cause a fire.

The old toaster-oven communicated with a lack of specificity with regard what we could expect from its performance.

Our new toaster-oven is a dream.

It communicates with specificity with regard to what we can expect from its performance.

It’s great.

As you can see from the photo it has a clock that sets the toasting or cooking time and shuts off when it gets to zero.

It also has a dial we can use for specific settings depending on what item we’re cooking or toasting (like pizza, a bagel, reheating something, etc.

I can put something in this toaster-over, set the dial, check the clock, hit start and walk away to come back in the expected timeframe.

Small business leaders need to communicate like my new toaster-oven with regard to performance expectations.

Few do. Do you?

This is important because so many small business leaders struggle with appropriately communicating to hold their people accountable to performance results.

They struggle with direct and candid communication that will influence their employees to fulfill desired performance results.

The reason is the lack of specificity on the front end communicating what desirable performance results will look like.

There are 3 keys to communicating to influence people to achieve the results you desire of them:

  • Having a trusting relationship (if you’ve ever tried to influence someone in a relationship with low trust you know it doesn’t work too well)
  • Being clear on the desirable results you are asking for
  • Communicating in language that connects with something important to the other individual

If you’d like to:

  • be better at communicating to influence,
  • learn specific strategies to incorporate the 3 keys above, and
  • actually practice to influence those you need to influence in your business,

Go to to learn more.

‘til next time, make it a great week!

One thought on “Conscious Communicator Tip #32:Communicating Like My New Toaster-Over

  1. Agnes Nfila says:

    Thank you for the communication tips, we indeed need to be able to communicate well and clearly to our teams to achieve the desired results. I have since put it to practice and it has helped me a lot . Thank you.

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