Correctly Communicating “Change”Vital for 21st Century Leaders

So many of the comments I receive in my teleclass trainings and e-mail questions from subscribers lately have been centering around dealing with “change.”

  • Change coming from  higher levels in the organization.
  • Change resistance from team members on project teams.
  • Leaders who know their organization needs to change but they’re afraid of beginning a change initiative of the challenging economy the past few years and they know their people are already frustrated.

So, while I’m on vacation I decided to reach out to a change expert to help you.

Because change is coming at us faster than ever as we move deeper into the 21st Century, having leaders that can help employees not only be more open to change, but to embrace change, is vital for organizations of all sizes in the 21st Century.

That’s why in early August I am going to hosting a special teleclass where I will be interviewing my friend, colleague and newly published author, Barbara Trautlein, to help you become a change agent in your organization by understanding your CQ.

What is CQ?

It’s your Change Quotient!

Just like you have an IQ, Intelligence Quotient, and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Quotient, Ms. Trautlein has created a revolutionary way to measure one’s ability to lead change.

While I’m on vacation, Barbara has graciously agreed to provide guest blog articles to help explain CQ, so look for them coming up on Wednesday, July 24 and Friday, July 26th. Then on Thursday, August 8th, be sure to bring your CQ questions for Barbara when I will be interviewing her on my first Communication Power for Leaders Expert Interview Series.

If you’d like to get a hard start now, you can register for the event to get all the call-in information here:

Look for Barbara’s guest blog article coming up this Wednesday and Thursday!

’til next time,
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