Customer Service & Teamwork at the Apple Store – The Way It Should Be

This is from the Good News/Bad News Department.

Last weekend I dropped my IPhone and it became submerged in water, for just a split second. But, as you probably already know, that was enough time to render it unusable.

When some online drying out tips didn’t work by Tuesday, I called the Apple Tech Support and scheduled an appointment with a “Genius” at the Apple Store in the Westchester Mall in White Plains, NY.

I was about five minutes late for my appointment and the greeters at the front of the store pointed me in the direction of the “Genius” Desk teling me to see “Andy.”great teamwork replaced my Iphon

Andy was standing about 10 feet in front of the Apple Genius counter with his IPod touch scrolling through his Genius Appointment schedule. As I walked up to him my name came up on the screen behind the Genius Desk.

I apologized for being late and he told me “no problem, we’ll get you taken care of right away, what’s the issue?”

After giving him a quick run down Andy immediately called over another “Genius” who fiddled with my IPhone for about 30-seconds and gave me the run down of my options, which were rather limited.

I made my decision and within another 30-seconds I was handed off to another team member who brought me my new IPhone, transferred the dipstick (or whatever its called) into the new phone, turned it on and I was back in business.

In just 20-minutes I was out of the store. I had allowed about 90-minutes thinking I would have to take the phone to the AT&T outlet to get the new phone connected to my cell phone account. But no, it was totally seamless and automatically connected.

Kudos to the Geniuses at the Apple Stores and to the head of customer service, Steve Jobs and the gang who run an absolutely first rate service operation at their retail outlets.

Everytime I walk into an Apple Store it seems as though they have way more employees walking around in their color coordinated t-shirts than customers. If I were still in my former position, in which I was crazy in watching the staff payroll, I would cringe seeing that many extra employees “standing” around.

But, I have to say it seems like the folks working in the Apple Stores know their stuff, they know their roles, they enjoy working there, they love helping their co-workers and customers.

When I retire, I think I want to grow up to be an Apple Genius.