Do Your Small Business Employees Want the Ball When the Game Is On the Line?

Watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game conclude March Madness last week on the final play with time running out was quite exciting.

Kris Jenkins’ three-point field goal to give Villanova the Men’s Collegiate Basketball Championship reminded me of how important it is to have people on our teams who want the ball in challenging times.

Which of your employees are your “go-to” people when the “game” is on the line? Which ones want the ball?

How do reinforce their desire to contribute when the “game is on the line?”

These are your superstars. They need to be nurtured and developed.

It’s often interesting that others on the team may see you as playing favorites when certain situations arise when it comes to doling out assignments or offering someone flexibility in a work schedule.

Yet you know that those others are choosing not see the other side and often forget that it was this other individual who stepped up when it was needed.

Some times these “superstars” also come with a big ego that needs to be managed. It’s the nature of the beast because it is where the confidence comes from that allows them to “want the ball.”

Keep it all in perspective.

Be sure to track and measure performance, contribution and observable behaviors and remember to keep emotions out of it. It is easy to “play” favorites when our “go to” person helps us win.

Who are the people on your team you can count on to “want the ball” when the game is on the line?

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One thought on “Do Your Small Business Employees Want the Ball When the Game Is On the Line?

  1. A. K. M. Suzaur Rahman says:

    Well, there is many thing to learn from various types of games I.e. Basketball, football, cricket, chess. Usually to my observation a good player of any game is in most of the cases good worker, professional, official or consultant. Look simply basketball teaches you hard work, team building, mutual understanding and result oriented actions along with devotion for success!! Chess teaches you strategy and cautious steps!!

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