Employee Retention Damaged by Poor Leadership Communication

Yes, even in this slow job recovery economy good employees will find better jobs if they’re not being treated right. And, I don’t mean those on your staff whom you feel show up with an entitlement mentality, always looking for a raise or not making any extra effort unless compensated.

I’m talking about the really good ones who positive attitude and work ethic you’d have a hard time replacing.

A woman in my Toastmaster’s Club today reminded me of that fact as I sat down after delivering my talk on “The 7 Deadliest Sins of Organizational Leadership Communication.”

The abbreviated overview of the topic on which I’ll be speaking on this afternoon (Monday, January 24th) on my free TeleClass, which you can still register for here, really struck a nerve with her.

She showed me her notes listing all 7 of the deadliest leadership communication sins and said “we have all of these going on in our office. It’s terrible! We just lost a great customer service rep because of how she’s being treated.”

I knew these 7 leadership communication mistakes are killing organizations but I was amazed that just in my brief 10-minute overview they connected with a very real situation regarding a very prominent, well known and respected business in our community.

That means, it could be happening just about everywhere.

As the economy begins to turn and companies begin to look at hiring again good employees are not going to stay around in negative, toxic, high-stress work environments where they do not feel appreciated. And, I guarantee if they leave that type of environment, it ain’t gonna be about the money.

This is gut check time for organizational leaders. It’s time to really take a look at your work environment before its too late. Is it the type of work environment that employees with good attitudes and good work ethic want to contribute to.

Might you be turning people off and turning them away with your communication style? Don’t know what I mean, then, join me Monday afternoon January 24th for a free teleclass on “The 7 Deadliest Sins of Organizational Leadership Communication” and let me illustrate for you just how communication in your organization is limiting your organization’s performance.

See you on the call!

skip weisman, helping leaders motivate employees to improve organizational performance