An Employee Transformation at the Right Time in this Small Business

An employee gave his boss, an unexpected holiday gift last week.

It came from one of the employees at a company with whom I’ve been working.

When I began working with this client, the company owner believed this employee of 14 years was just going through the motions, had an entitlement mentality and only cared about the paycheck.

Last week, in front of this small business owner and all his teammates, this employee said, “I know that if I want a better role with this company I need to help build the platform to make that happen.”

I was blown away.

More importantly, my client, the company owner, was ecstatic and beaming ear to ear.

It’s going to be great for this company starting a new year, with a newly re-energized veteran employee ready to “build a platform for the company to grow on.”

There are employees on your team looking for a reason to contribute at higher levels and don’t know how.

The strategies this client used will work for you, your employees and your company, too.

If you’d like to learn how, let’s schedule a private, 1:1 Revolutionary

Leadership Strategy Session and we’ll explore how to apply it to your company

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Make it a great New Year!