FIFA World Cup Provides a Chance to Follow the Makings of a Champion

Today is the opening matches for the 2010 World Cup Football (Soccer to us Americans). And, the month long tournament gives us another opportunity to study the traits that create champions in athletics and to look at how we can translate that to our teams in business.

Although I’ve never been much of a fan until recent years, the 2006 World Cup Tournament did catch my attention. As a matter of fact I believe the Finals Match between Italy and France may have been the first complete soccer match I’ve ever watched on TV.

That event stands out for the very selfish play by France’s star player Zinedane Zidane, who scored France’s only goal in the game but subsequently showed a complete lack of self-leadership by head-butting an opponent during an altercation forcing his removal from the final minutes of the game, the overtime and penalty shot phase the determined the Champion.The 3 Strategies of Champion Organizations

The Champion Leadership lesson from that World Cup came down to that incident and showed a lack of emotional intelligence and self-leadership. In business emotions play a regular part of our individual and team success as I’ve seen many leaders show a complete disregard for managing their emotions, to the detriment of their business relationships.

But, today the World Cup starts fresh. All 32-teams will be applying my “3 Strategies of Champion Organizations” as they get started. The team that will come out on top will be the team that most effectively implements and executes those three stratgies most consistently.

The “3 Strategies” are:

  1. A Compelling Vision & Strategy
  2. Performance Management Accountability Systems
  3. Leadership & Teamwork Developed Throughout

To learn what to look for regarding the “3 Strategies of Champion Organizations” as we together watch the World Cup Football Championship unfold over the next few weeks, download the free White Paper here .

’til next time, make it great week!