First Steps to Create High Levels of Employee Engagement & Employee Motivation

A number of questions to me have come in since the webinar last week on The Goldilocks ‘Just Right’ Leadership Style with business leaders and middle managers wanting to learn more about how to specifically implement various aspects of what I was espousing.

In the next few blog posts I’m going to address some of the questions that have been submitted, the first is…

“Skip, if I want to begin to implement the “Engage & Enroll Just Right Leadership Style” to create higher levels of employee engagement on my team where do I start? I’m especially interested in your answer since I’m just a middle-manager and those above me lead much differently and I have to deal with them, too?”

If you missed the webinar, and would like to learn what this participant is talking about, for a limited time you can access the webinar for free at this link:

From that link you can watch the full webinar with the slide presentation or just download the audio version which should give you what you need as a stand alone teleclass.

The first step is to create a Championship Vision for the area for which you are responsible.

What I mean by that is just like an athletic team that on its first day of training camp everyone is focused on getting to the championship game, you and your team can together identify the specific vision for what it wants to achieve that would really standout and be noticed, regardless of where it is at within your organization. 

How can you define that for yourselves in a way that is inspiring and builds commitment from everyone that needs to contribute towards its accomplishment?

This Championship Vision should be defined from a number of different contexts that offer measurable results that can quantified. Here are some ideas:

  • Specific performance results and output (measurable goals)
  • Defined work environment and culture (what type of work environment does everyone want to experience and is willing to commit to being held accountable to)
  • Image, recognition, brand (what is the external impression others inside and outside (if appropriate) have of your team/group, etc.?

For example, here is one former clients Championship Vision:

“We are recognized as community leader that truly makes a difference to its citizens. Our business has grown to the point we are able to step in to resurrect the landmark office building in downtown and be its anchor tenant that has begun the resurgence of our local community. We have a team committed to truly supporting each other in these efforts and every team member is willing and able to be held accountable to contributing at high levels and are compensated equal to their contribution to our organization’s success!”

Even though this Championship Vision was developed for a small business by the company’s owner with the help and feedback from all 15 employees, the middle manager asking the original question can do the same within the context of his or her team’s role within the larger organization.

Every department or division in a larger organization has a defined role, goals and culture developed among its team members. Get everyone together to define what the group aspires to that would inspire all to contribute as high-levels to it and create the standards, expectations and accountabilities to make it happen.

This is no different than a professional athlete who joins a team that is committed to winning a Championship. More on that with a specific story from the real world of sports as a learning example next time…’til then…


Make it a great week!