Getting Thrown “Under the Bus” Hurts, Doesn’t It?

Have you ever been “thrown under the bus?’

You know what that euphemism means, right?

Someone blames someone behind their back to make themselves look better in the eyes of an authority figure, usually a boss.

In companies where teamwork is encouraged and desired it is a trust and teamwork killer.

In business it happens all the time.

It rarely happens in sports.

If there ever was an opportunity for someone to throw another “under the bus” it would have been after the Green Bay Packers – Arizona Cardinals National Football League playoff game this past weekend.

On the last play of the game as regulation time expired Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers connected on a touchdown pass to receiver Jeff Janis.

The score allowed Green Bay to force “sudden death” overtime.

Just 65 seconds into overtime Arizona’s offense charged through the Green Bay defense for a touchdown to win the game.

The hard work, effort and heroics by the Green Bay offense could easily have thrown their defense “under the bus” for putting up such a weak resistance causing the loss.

But, they didn’t.

Athletes don’t do that.

Teams win together and teams lose together.

Rarely will teammates on athletic teams throw each other “under the bus.”

It happens often in business.

That phrase “thrown under the bus” came up three times in nine employee interviews during a workplace culture assessment for my newest client.

That’s a pretty high percentage and tells me there are serious communication issues going on.

It is a symptom of Communication Sin #7 – Lack of Directness & Candor

It is also a symptom of people having the “wrong conversation with the wrong person,” which is one of only four possible conversations you can ever have.

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What is your relationship with being “thrown under the bus?

Leave a comment below to share your experiences with having people listening with focused attention or not, with distractions.

’til next time Communicate With Power!

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