Great Leaders Hire Great Leaders and Are Not Threatened By Them

Championship leaders want the best people on their teams. Now that may sound obvious, but that doesn’t always happen because sometimes, their egos get the best of them.

Some leaders self-esteem won’t allow them to hire the best people because they feel threatened.

That’s why I’ve been impressed by the head coach of my favorite hockey team the NY Rangers.

The Rangers head coach, Alain Vigneault just decided to bring on a coach with more experience and more wins as a major league coach.

He knows if the season gets off to a slow start this assistant coach will be inline to replace him.

But, he also knows he has the best chance for overall success with this coach on his staff, to which he is delegating about 40% responsibility (he’ll be coaching the team’s defensemen).

Anyway, great leaders, championship leaders, do not feel threatened by other successful people being on their teams. They embrace having people smarter than them on their teams. They bring a mindset of abundance to the situation with an openness to learning, even from a subordinate.

What is your experience in this regard? Have you known leaders to do similar things, or do you know leaders that have limited an organization’s success by not embracing this concept?

This leadership approach speaks to a deeper concept I’m developing called, The 3 Primary Workplace Communication Mistakes. I’m almost finished creating a video training series about them.

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‘til next time, remember, Communicate With Power!

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