The Only Sensible Way to Run a Company…

The Great Game of Business®

“GGOB goes way deeper into the organization than any other business operating system – it engages frontline team members, not just management. GGOB also provides a smart bonus plan that focuses the team on ‘what’s most important’, teaches everyone the business, and ensures that everyone is truly rowing in the same direction for all the right reasons.”

Anne-Claire Broughton, Principal
Broughton Consulting, LLC and Interim Executive Director for the
North Carolina Employee Ownership Center

Stop wishing and hoping your employees were more accountable, less entitled, and took greater ownership of their jobs!

Give them a reason to think beyond the paycheck.

If you ever feel like…

  • You are running the company alone, and no one cares about the company’s future like you do?
  • Your most senior leaders don’t collaborate and communicate like a team but operate in silos protecting their turf?
  • You’re stuck in an “isolation chamber” because no one gives you straight answers when you ask questions, even with your “open door” policy?

Then, imagine if…

  • All the employees in your work environment were motivated to help you:
    • grow the company,
    • maximize revenues,
    • minimize expenses, and
      • They understood how they could help the company be more profitable,
      • Brought quality ideas to the table to help make it happen, and,
      • Took responsibility for implementing those ideas and embraced accountability for the results (good and bad);
      • Everyone in the company had access to the financials and understood what they meant and how to use them?

The GREAT GAME of BUSINESS® provides you with a system for running your company that makes the above happen, and your company can achieve similar or even greater results of other Great Game™ practitioners like Garry and Chris.

3X the national average in EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT

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“Working with Skip to implement the strategies and processes of The Great Game of Business has paid for itself many times over!”

Garry Williams, Owner / Utility Survey Corp. - Washingtonville, NY

“(The Great Game of Business) simply works. I feel like I have all our people running our company rather than just me and my partners.”

Chris McKee / Venturity Financial Partners

The BOOK That Launched a Movement on “OPEN BOOK MANAGEMENT

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Results from Skip Weisman “Great Game of Business” Clients

Rising Integrative Healthcare Practice
3 Locations in Eastern North Carolina

Dr. Brian Kean, owner & CEO of Rising Integrative Healthcare speaks about why he decided to bring The Great Game of Business into his healthcare practice.

Dr. Kean speaks about how Skip Weisman made the difference in helping RIH Healthcare more effectively and more rapidly implement The Great Game of Business into operations at its three locations.

Dr. Kean explains why despite implementing the EOS into the practice in 2019, it was missing something. He found the missing link with The Great Game of Business, here he explains why GGoB is the perfect complement to EOS.

Dr. Kean discusses how the GGoB implementation process exceeded his expectations and show how interested his employees were in learning the numbers and what they could do once they understood them.

Utility Survey Corp.
Washingtonville, New York

Garry Williams, Owner/President

“Working with Skip to implement the strategies and processes of The Great Game of Business has paid for itself many times over!”

Horsepower Electric
Brooklyn, New York

Rahul Nischal, Director of People Operations:

“Our experience working with Skip has been seamless. Thanks to Skip’s hard work and mentorship we’ve implemented GGOB and continue to strive to get better in all facets of the game. Skip’s leadership has guided us thus far and we would highly recommend him to any other company looking to implement GGOB and or training on communication as well!”