Guest Post by CEO Jay Steinfeld: Are You Encouraging a Selfish or Selfless Employees?

Because most of the questions that come to me from subscribers involved how to create more effective teams and to get people working better together, at one level or another. That is probably why the blog post that has garnered by far the most comments is the one titled, “The Myth of Teamwork.”

For that reason I’m always looking for other tips and strategies to add value to my blog to support my subscribers efforts in this area. And, so for the second time I’d like to offer a guest blog post written by Jay Steinfeld, founder and CEO of ( is the industry leader in online window covering sales, representing more than 50% of window treatments sold online with more than $80 million in sales annually. Steinfeld has been selling window coverings online since 1993 and sold his chain of retail store outlets to go full-time online in 2001.)

Here is Jay’s guest blog post which both reinforces, and adds value to my concept on The Myth of Teamwork” so you can take the teams in your organization to a higher level of performance. Enjoy!

Are You Encouraging Selfish or Selfless Employees?

There’s an old saying that “sports do not develop character; sports reveal it.” As the disaster unfolding in Japan clearly shows, so too, does crisis reveal a person’s true colors.

Over the last week, you’ve probably read about the “Fukushima 50” — the unnamed heroes who have sacrificed their own health and safety to try to prevent a full-scale nuclear meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Daichii plant. On the other hand, you’ve probably also seen and read about how in the midst of the chaos that the tsunami unleashed, some frantic people disregarded their neighbors to save their own skin.

It got me thinking about how a business owner might encourage employees on his team to act selflessly or selfishly. To some extent, how a person reacts under stress is not up to you; it’s baked into that person’s nature. But I do think nurturing the right company culture can inspire more selflessness than you might think.

Here are several (5) ways to foster the kind of environment where employees will want to pull together instead of fend for themselves:

1. Praise team accomplishments as much as individual accomplishments. When employees do things that help their coworkers, they deserve high praise.

To read the other 4 tips on creating a selfless teamwork environment visit Jay’s original blog post at this link at

’til next time, make it a great week!