Happy Anniversary…To Me! You Should Celebrate Your Wins, Too!

Today, October 3, 2011 marks my 10th anniversary of being in business for myself, and the beginning of my second decade.

That is hard to believe.

But, true, it is.

That’s a total of 3,650 days since I last earned a paycheck from an employer other than myself. They say most new businesses fail within the first 3-5 years. So, I guess I’m a success?

Congratulations to me!

And, thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey. And, thank you to my wonderful wife, Anne, 10 years with my sometimes workaholic tendencies and mood swings solo entrepreneurs sometimes go through.

But, I am writing this blog post in this manner because I believe it is important for business professionals at all levels to be able to provide their own positive reinforcement.

Often, it is the only positive reinforcement for a job well done that we get. And, although we may lament that our superiors, co-workers and significant others do not give us the positive feedback and the credit we deserve for a job well done, we should be lamenting ourselves more.

Most of us fall into the category of being way too hard on ourselves, beating ourselves up for every mistake, failure, setback. We kick ourselves when we’re down, and we kick ourselves when we’re up because I should have done even better.  Maybe so, but why not enjoy the success at the level you achieved and learn from it and move on.

I often tell my clients they need to celebrate more. They need to create opportunities for their employees to celebrate their little successes along the way.

These celebrations don’t have to be elaborate or costly. Simple recognitions are fine.

I often use examples from athletics, such as:

  • In baseball, no matter what is happening in the game, winning or losing, when a batter hits a homerun and circles the bases, he always gets a congratulatory handshake from the coach as he rounds third base, a high-five when he crosses home plate from the next batter coming up and his teammates when returning to the dugout.
  • In football, after a touchdown is scored the player who brought the ball into the end zone and his teammates that helped him get it there have their little celebratory dance.

These are just two examples.

In your business, why not send a hand written note card to one of your teammates or subordinates after a job well done? Put together a Friday pizza lunch for your team after one of their teammates has a big success.

Little recognitions go a long way.

And, don’t forget to celebrate yourself like I’m doing today.

Now, I’m not taking any time off, or doing anything special because we just spent almost 3-weeks on a European vacation, which was the perfect way for me to celebrate and now its time to get back at it to help my clients even more    in the next decade.

One way I am going to celebrate this month and allow my subscribers to participate in that celebration is to offer two special opportunities. One is going to be the official launch of my newest product, The Confident Leaders’ Training Camp Home Study course, and special and very limited opportunities for a private, 1:1 Strategy Session with me.

Both of these will be launching this week. So, keep an eye out for those announcements.

’til then, make it a great week and Happy Anniversary to Me!

All the best!

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary…To Me! You Should Celebrate Your Wins, Too!

  1. amanda says:

    happy birthday Skip — and many more. always enjoy your posts 🙂 even those it takes me moths to read!

  2. John says:

    Thank you for sharing your great news. We met when you first came to the Hudson Valley and then re-connected right around the time that you were getting ready to launch your firm. Keep up the great work that you do!

  3. Gordon McAleer says:

    Congratulations, Skip! A decade for a successful start-up is quite a milestone. You are doing a terrific job advancing leadership theory and practice. All the best for your continued success! Gordon McAleer, McAleer & Associates

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