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Happy New Year! Make 2011 the Year “Avoid & Tolerate” Leadership Comes to an End

In the summer of 1995, as I was in my 10th year of leading a professional baseball franchise, I was forced to face my shortcomings as an organizational leader.

What I learned after a very destructive incident between key members of our organization’s leadership team is that I had developed a leadership style built on “avoiding and tolerating” situations.

Some might call it “Ostrich Leadership,” where the leader puts his/her head in the sand wishing and hoping they would go away and take care of itself.

Those situations never do, they only get worse. The perpetrators involved in these situations never solve the situations they just get better and more entrenched with them. Usually throwing gas on the fire.

In my most recent Tele-Seminar “The 6 Simple Steps to Become the LEADER of a Champion Organization” I spoke about this “avoid and tolerate” leadership style and the pain it caused me in those challenging years before I got help. (if you missed it download the mp3 audio recording of it by completing the form on the right ).

Over the final six years of my baseball career I turned around that ‘avoid and tolerate’ leadership habit, and you and your organizational leaders can, too.

Whether you are the type of leader that sets New Year’s Resolutions or not, why not commit to raising the bar on how effectively you address real issues in your organization.

As a matter of fact, why don’t you just a moment, pull out a pen and piece of paper and write down the 3 things you are avoiding and tolerating addressing in your organization as we start the new year. Think of how freeing it would be to start the New Year with a clean slate by getting those things cleared up.

It’s my belief, based on work with my best clients over the past six years, that there is no greater gift you can give yourself, your employees and your organization’s best customers.

You may want to listen to the tele-seminar on “The 6 Simple Steps to Become the LEADER of a Champion Organization” – just complete the form to the right and you’ll get access to the recording for free, that’s a great place to start…now…also…

Because January is the best time to create momentum on making the New Year all it promises, I’d like to continue to offer subscribers to this blog an opportunity for a 2011 Strategy Session.

In this Strategy Session we will discuss your organization’s situation and identify specific decisions you can immediately implement to set up 2011 to be a Championship year for you and your team.

Click this link, answer 6 simple questions (a couple allow you to just select a number from 1-10) and we’ll schedule your Strategy Session within the next 10-days.

Between this blog, a new series of Tele-Seminars and regular monthly Strategy Session opportunities, I have created an aggressive program for 2011 to help you make it your organization’s best year ever.

I look forward to a fun and exciting journey with you this year. Thank you for being on the bus!

’til next time, make it a great week!
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