I Need Your Help to Improve the Annual “Performance Review” Conversation & Process

In the next few weeks I will be releasing a new white paper report to help business leaders and managers to improve their Performance Management Systems.

The foundation of most Performance Management Systems is the annual (or semi-annual) Performance Appraisal that takes places at one of two times, either an employee’s hiring anniversary or near the fiscal year-end of the company.

Regardless of when it takes place, an integral of every Performance Appraisal is the Performance Conversation.

In this upcoming white paper I want to offer as much value as possible to help leaders and managers improve the results achieved through their Performance Management System.

So for that reason I’m hoping my blog subscribers will help me out by simply answering the question below and hitting the submit button. Your answers will be totally anonymous. Thank you, in advance for your help:

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**What is, or has been in the past, your #1 most frustrating issue or challenge with the “Performance Conversation,” either when you’ve had to give them, or when you’ve been on the receiving end of them?