Leaders Get to Make Only the Tough Decisions – Here’s How to Embrace ‘Em

If you tuned in to the Super Bowl Pre-Game Show on Fox-TV in the United States late in the afternoon last Sunday (February 6) you might have seen Bill O’Reilly’s interview with President Obama.

I thought the President made a very interesting point about the decisions a president gets to make.

He basically pointed out that all the easy decisions which others on his team can make get made and the only ones that come to him are the difficult ones.

The decisions a president has to make are the ones that no one else has been able to figure out or that have to be made at the highest level because of their impact on the nation and its people.

I think its the same in business.

And, ideally, this is the best of all scenarios.

This means the organizational leader has set up competent subordinates ready, willing and able to make decisions. In this scenario the leader does not micro-manage and allows his people to make decisions within the scope of their level of authority.

To get to this point, however, a leader must apply these four key steps to make it work for all concerned:

  1. Clearly define the parameters of the authority and decision-making of each position;
  2. Clearly articulate the organization’s vision and that department’s role in helping to achieve that vision so the head of that department understands the impact of decisions they will be making;
  3. Trust the person they’ve put in the position to make decisions under those guidelines and leave them alone;
  4. Check-in and debrief key decisions to monitor and provide feedback.

“The Secrets of Confident Leaders: How to Lead So Others Enthusiastically Follow.”

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