Leaders Need to Take Control of Interruptions (strategically & courteously, of course) (

An article in the Wall St. Journal the other day (see The Biggest Office Interruptions Are…) reminded that many of my clients who own businesses with employees to manage struggle with interruptions throughout their day.

These interruptions come in all shapes and sizes from handling a disgruntled customer to dealing with a personal emergency to answering questions about simple job responsibilities the employee was supposed to have learned to do on their own months ago.

As I speak about in my seminar on The 7 Deadliest Sins of Leadership & Workplace Communication “A Lack of Focused Attention” continues to create challenges with communication as people try to multi-task while communicating.

These interruptions kill productivity in the workplace. The Wall St. Journal article discusses both research as well as practical strategies for dealing with these distractions more effectively.

Great leaders, the ones that communicate to develop effective teams that generate revolutionary results, are masters of strategically and courteously addressing interruptions while also triaging them  so distractions are limited.

If you’d like help in this area, which includes building up your team to be more effective and confident in running your business at a level you can trust, here are two things you can do:

  1. Read the Wall St. Journal article, which has a couple of outstanding tips near the end, and
  2. Go here to request a Revolutionary Leadership Strategy Session with me where we can discuss how to take even better control of your employees’ behavior and performance.

’til next time, leave a comment below and make it a great weekend as I travel to Tampa, Florida and Buffalo, NY to speak at two professional development conferences for project managers (PMI Tampa) and human resource professionals (NY State SHRM)!



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