Leadership Communication Lesson #5: Don’t Think Outside the Box, Get Outside the Box

Last night’s show in Florence as another amazing effort by Bruce and the band. This trip, among other amazing things, has been a lesson in customer service. I’ve never seen more than 2 consecutive concerts before, despite my long list of shows. To see a performer exceed expectations night after night, with hard core, tough to please fans is truly awe inspiring and is something every business owner needs to take a lesson from. Bruce and the band continue to do that night after night.

Tonight, the long strange trip concludes with a concert in Trieste, Italy. If you’d like to catch up on my most recent photos from the trip go to Facebook .

Just prior to leaving on this trip I read a book for the second time in the last twelve months that I highly recommend. It’s called Leadership & Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute.

This book is a must read for every:

  • business leader
  • every husband, wife
  • every son, daughter
  • every brother, sister
  • every employee in a company

In my future consulting projects it will probably become a must read for all my clients before we ever start an engagement.

The entire premise of the book involves “out of the box”thinking, but not in the context we always hear about it.

This isn’t about creativity and innovation.

This is about self-awareness and avoiding at all costs what the books reveals at “self-betrayal.”

We do this to ourselves all the time, and then blame others and look for ways to justify our feelings about the other person to make them wrong and us right.

I thought I was good at being self-aware and taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions and looking to help others, but this book, just a few short minutes into reading it opened my eyes to all the ways I’ve been “in the box.”

You see thinking  to get “outside the box” means we are always communicating consistent with who we believe we are and how we aspire to be when we are our best “selves.”  In being “outside the box,” we are always looking at others, no matter who they are or where they come from or what they say or do to us as people, as human beings with real feelings, needs and desires to be met, and NOT as “objects” as we so often do.

It is impossible for me to do the book justice. You just have to read it to learn for yourself.

I get nothing from this recommendation other than helping make the world a better place and the strategies offered in this book, when consistently applied can do that, one person, one-conversation at a time.  Order this book today and read it cover to cover. It took me about 3-4 hours to read and I’m a very slow reader so I know you can knock it out in no time!

Leadership & Self-Deception by The Arbinger Institute
(*a must read if you want to transform your Self-Communication)

Enjoy the book, read it and leave a comment about it below and when I get back home next week after speaking at a Project Management Institute conference in Syracuse, New York, I look forward to having deeper discussions on this topic.

’til next time, make it a great week!