Leadership Communication Pop-Quiz, Can You Pass This 1-Question Test?

Here is a pop-quiz for all you aspiring Champion Leaders reading this.

If you’ve been following my writing for the last year or so you know that one of the tenets of Champion Leadership Communication is “Specificity.”

Well, just yesterday, a client who has fully embraced this idea for himself and his executive leadership team, and has done extensive work to integrate specific communication into his organization’s culture, wrote an e-mail to me requesting a coaching session. This is what he wrote:

“I’m swamped tomorrow but will be in the office working on two projects Thursday and partial Friday. I can take a break and talk with you. To be specific… can you call me at 11:30am?”

I will give away a prize valued at $57 (see below), if you can answer this question:

“What is wrong with the request my client made above?”

We’ve had one correct answer already submitted, by Joan McNiff ! Congratulations, Joan! Thanks for playing.

I will give away another prize in a random drawing to all those who submit a correct answer.

To submit your answer e-mail me at Skip@WeismanSuccessResources.com. I will accumulate the answers and hold drawing for the prize winner.

Our winner will receive a copy of the “The Leadership Series” – a $77 value

(a 7-set MP3 audio program featuring myself the Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach, discussing 7 critical skills for leaders to get the most out of their teams, comes with Leadership Skills Assessments and other worksheets to use in all 7 modules).

’til next time, make it a great week!