Leading Like Mayor Ed Koch Actually Works, A Real 2015 Business Leadership Example

If you’ve been following my recent blog articles on the Mayor Ed Koch’s humble and direct leadership communication style, you’re going to want to read this.

Shortly after sending out this recent blog article, subscriber Sharon Blanchard, shared a real life, 2015 example how this humble and direct leadership works.

As you will read, her new boss’ approach saved his company from losing a great team member after multiple bosses approaches were leading Sharon (and probably others) to leave the company.

In reading Sharon’s comment below, you will experience an example of what’s truly possible when leading with what I’m now labeling as the H.A.V.E. Leadership Style (Humility, Authenticity, Vulnerability and Empathy):



I had a direct experience of what you are writing about earlier this year, when my new boss asked that question of me and my team.

I was a little surprised actually, but he had laid some groundwork that made us feel safe and open enough to comment.  

When he first started, he sent us an email outlining his perspective of the organization, and his objectives for developing processes and basically what he wanted to accomplish as a team.

We participated in a 2-day workshop to develop a shared vision and goals and went to work.  

SharonBlanchardSix months later, we reconvened as a team, reflected back on our accomplishments and non-accomplishments, and he asked for feedback, “how am I doing”?  

Honestly, we stuttered a bit, but once the ice broke, we had a great conversation and provided respectful feedback in the spirit of helping each other improve and grow.

The results: Tremendous amounts of trust and respect.  And, something I just now thought of, less need to appear perfect, and more freedom to ask for advice. Job satisfaction is through the ceiling!

Thanks, Sharon Blanchard


So, what do you think?

Leave a comment below to share how you can add the H.A.V.E. Leadership Style to your leadership approach.

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