New Blog Feature – “Champion Leadership Tip of the Week”

In honor of my upcoming 50th birthday I’ve decided that for the next eight weeks leading up to it on Wednesday, December 16th I am going to post eight Champion Leadership Tips with which I hope to inspire both experienced and novice leaders.

Starting Monday, November 2nd I will be posting a “Champion Leadership Tip of the Week.”

These postings which will be offered individually at my Champion Organizations blog every Monday morning and will be hosted cumulatively at the Weekly Champion Leadership Tip of the Week webpage on this site.

This idea came to me last week when I was speaking with a client who is just a few weeks younger than I and will be turning 50 in January, 2010. He was having trouble coming to grips with the fact he was going to be turning 50 in a few short months.

After leaving our meeting I decided to take a decidedly different approach. I figured as I reach the benchmark of having been on this earth for a half-century that I have three choices, I can either;

1. Look ahead and lament the fact I’m getting older and balder,

2. Look back and regret the mistakes I’ve made that have prevented me from achieving more, and lament the things I’ve lost, never got that I wanted or wished I still had, or I can…

3. Use my past experience as an example of what is possible based on what I was able to achieve, suck the juice out of every life experience I’ve had, take the learnings from them and apply them to achieving even greater things in to the future.

I’m choosing #3.

As such, my Weekly Champion Leadership Tips series is my way of fulfilling #3. I promise eight tips through the week of December 14th leading up to my birthday and hope the inspiration continues well beyond then.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments on the blog inspiring me to look deeper into my own and building a community that lifes us all to a greater quality of life.

Here’s an advance preview – Champion Leadership Tip #1