A 4-Step Process to Eliminate Complaining & Whining in a Small Business Culture

During a conference seminar last week on The 4 Conversations an audience member, Lorraine, challenged me.

It was a moment I needed to draw upon my improvisation skills learned a few years ago practicing with an Improv comedy troupe.

Lorraine, in response to my offering the audience a conversation model called The E.C.C.O. Redirect Conversation, raised her hand and said, “This is all well and good but no one just goes away this easy.”

“What can we do when someone continues to complain and whine about things that are out of our control and I’m the “wrong” person for them in this “wrong” conversation?

Have you ever had to deal with these type people in your workplace?

What do you do?

You have three options:

  • Continue to waste your time, their time, and the company’s time and resources by enabling their behavior.
  • Turn them away with no empathy or compassion, which will most likely ruin a relationship you and they need to work together.
  • Coach them through their challenge to empower them to make their best decision to deal with the situation.

How do you move them beyond their negative, limited mindset that is stirring up trouble taking everyone in the workplace down with them?

You apply a 4-step process I offered Lorraine.

To keep the articles short and manageable, you will receive this four-step process one at a time over the next four articles every couple of days.

Each coaching conversation model can stand on its own depending on the situation and when applied in sequence can be a powerful tool to move people beyond stuck states.

It is a systematic process that must applied in this order:

  1. The E.C.C.O. Conversation Redirect
  2. The 3-C Problem Assessment
  3. The I.A.O. Situational Assessment
  4. The A.I.R. Actionable Decision Model

Go here to learn the first step to quell complainers in your small business workplace, The E.C.C.O. Conversation Redirect.

Stay tuned. Leave a message below with any questions you’d like me to address about these situations, or any suggestions you have with strategies you’ve applied that have worked for you.

’til next time, Communicate with Power,

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4 thoughts on “A 4-Step Process to Eliminate Complaining & Whining in a Small Business Culture

  1. Chieh-Min Lee says:

    Continually communicate with complainer to understand what does he want. Let him understand current situation. Set our goal to do it.

  2. Skip Weisman says:

    Chieh-Min Lee,
    Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I’m pleased you were inspired to leave a comment here with your ideas. I look forward to your feedback as you learn the 4-step process I’ve developed that will make your approach even better and more refined.

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