Positive Humor Is the Best Form of Communication

They say “laughter is the best medicine.”

If that’s true, I will be immune from any colds or flu this winter because my wife and I just got our laughter vaccine.

One of our best friends flew in from Hamburg, Germany for the NY City marathon last weekend.

We went to cheer him on.

Being lifelong New York Mets baseball fans, we were caught up in the excitement of the World Series so we made sure the restaurants and bars we visited had televisions tuned to the ballgame.IMG_0438

Our German buddy, who speaks perfect English, looked perplexed staring at the TV.

We explained the game to him.

We never realized how complicated baseball can be to someone who has never been exposed to it.

The conversation turned into a real-life Abbott & Costello “Who’s On First” routine.

I haven’t laughed so hard in a very, very long time.

The first night at the bar was tough because we could only verbally explain the rules.

At the dinIMG_0439er the next morning over breakfast we plotted the baseball diamond using we four half & half coffee condiment containers representing the four bases.

Then, we used nine small packets of butter representing the players in the field.

This display worked much better, yet was still a communication challenge for my wife and I.

We laughed at ourselves as we tried to articulate the rules of the game in its simplest form.

It seems like a simple game until you try to explain it to someone who has never been exposed to it.

The last two days I’ve been in New Orleans, at the largest IT Service Management Conference in the country with over 1500 people attending.

I was there to speak on my “7 Communication Sins.”

Two of the events’ daily closing keynote speeches were on finding humor in our lives.

One spoke about finding humor in the most difficult, challenging situations we face.

The other spoke about finding humor in the mundane, daily routine of life.

And, then I realized, humor is probably the very best type of communication, isn’t it?

Commit this week to begin building your humor communication habit.

Commit to finding one thing every day that makes you laugh.

Then, be sure to share it with someone.

Laughing at yourself, or a situation, is the best way to bond with another as you build a common experience (just as long as you’re never laughing at someone else’s expense).

Ask these simple questions:

  • What is something funny that happened to me today?
  • What is something that could be funny if I wanted it to be?

Have fun!

Feel free to share your humorous experiences below.

’til next time Communicate With Power!

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  1. June Jewell says:

    You are so right Skip! Last night I had a hysterical UBER ride from Downtown Nashville to Opryland with a former colleague. She was so funny she had the UBER driver, Stephan, laughing so hard he could barely drive. He didnt’t want to drop us off! It felt great and much needed, especially with all the stress we face every day.

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