Conscious Communicator Power Word #1 – NO

Your first “Power Word” in the Conscious Communicator campaign is…

One of the simplest and easiest words to say and spell.

Yet, our inability to say “NO” causes more stress and anxiety than any other word. All too often situations where our gut tells us to say “NO” our self-esteem and self-worth fails us, and we end up sending “yes’ signals.

Every time we fail to say “NO” to someone’s request, we are saying “NO” to ourselves.

Learning to say “NO” respectfully and empathetically to others will open more doors than you can imagine, I promise. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below or e-mail me directly at!

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4 thoughts on “Conscious Communicator Power Word #1 – NO

  1. Bobby Kapoor says:

    I agree with 100% and I used to feel it is difficult to say no but I am learning slowly and surprisingly most of the people don’t take personally. It was just only my own hesitation to say NO.

  2. Skip Weisman, Workplace Communication Expert says:

    Thank you for being inspired to leave a comment here. I appreciate you being forthright about your own challenges with regard to using “no” more effectively to serve yourself and others. Our fear of not being liked is behind this due to self-esteem issues. We fear the other person will not like us if we say “no” to their request, so we say “yes” instead and often in doing so we undermine our own needs and everyone suffers.

  3. Ted Macias says:

    It’s not only difficult in saying ‘NO’; it’s that we believe we need to qualify or explain the ‘NO’, while saying YES just ends the conversation. It’s the easy way out even if it means that we…undermine our own needs.

    Thanks Skip!

  4. Skip Weisman, Workplace Communication Expert says:

    Thanks for being inspired to leave a comment here. You are so right and the cause of that is low self-esteem. Got to learn to step up for what we really want and need, otherwise we’ll always be at the affect of others.
    Happy New Year!

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