Conscious Communicator Power Word #2 – YES (100 words or less)

Leaders know how to say YES with conviction. This is another power word we need to become comfortable saying with confidence.

Too many people offer non-committal subsititutes for YES. Phrase such as, “I’ll try,” “I hope to,” or “Okay.” This is loser language. Champion communicators say YES with conviction.

Being able to say YES in a strong, powerful manner is very attractive. It will allow you to influence those around you who are looking for someone with confidence, and nothing says confidence like YES.

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2 thoughts on “Conscious Communicator Power Word #2 – YES (100 words or less)

  1. Bijit Singha says:

    I am one of those who often use substitutes like “Will try”. Thanks Skip making me say Yes next time. Yes is assertive!

  2. Skip Weisman, Workplace Communication Expert says:

    Good for you! I’m pleased you’re already gleaning value from The Power Word Series!
    Keep the comments coming!

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