Conscious Communicator Power Word #24 – OBJECTIVE (100 words or less)

Today’s Power Word is about achievement…OBJECTIVE!

There are two kinds of OBJECTIVEs, means OBJECTIVEs and ends OBJECTIVEs.

Influential leaders that achieve measurable results with their teams focus on “ends” OBJECTIVEs while using “means” OBJECTIVEs as measuring sticks to chart progress. Being clear on the “means” OBJECTIVEs that need to be achieved along the path the “ends” OBJECTIVEs is vital for achieving high levels of success.

Both types of OBJECTIVEs serve a purpose and influential leaders are clear on how to use both for motivation, to create momentum and provide a pathway to success.

’til next time make sure you achieve both your “means” OBJECTIVEs and some “ends” OBJECTIVEs this week!

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