Conscious Communicator Power Word #25 – CURIOUS (125 words or less)

Today’s Power Word is all about learning…CURIOUS!

One of our most damaging phrases is “curiosity killed the cat!”

Using such language, usually by adults to shut down children (and sometimes well-intentioned adults) from questioning the world around them, and challenging the status quo, kills learning, creativity and progress.

Leaders of small business with high-levels of self-esteem welcome curious employees because it communicates interest with a desire to learn. These small business leaders welcome the challenge well-placed workplace curiosity brings.

Curiosity is a great tool for reducing potential conflict. Instead of getting angry, become CURIOUS. Curiosity shows interest in another’s position, fulfilling one’s need to be understood. Diffusing the conflict.

Try using “I’m CURIOUS” to start a sentence, then notice how it grabs attention of those around you! A true power word!
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