Conscious Communicator Power Word #38 – ELSE (103 words)

This week’s Power Word changes perspective…”ELSE!”

This very small powerful word, when used at the right time helps us look at things in a new way.

Whenever we have an experience, positive or negative, our brain immediately chooses a meaning by asking the question, “what does this mean?”

Too often that first meaning doesn’t empower us, and we need to look deeper.

The best way to look deeper is to add the word “ELSE” to the question, such as, “what else could this mean?”

“ELSE” will help you brainstorm other possible, more empowering meanings. Give it a try! I promise it will help you identify more empowering, possible solutions.

‘Til next time, make it a great week!

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P.S.: Special thanks to my friend and colleague Kevin Cicotti, The Cutting Edge Coach, who reminded me about this concept in his dynamic presentation on Emotional Intelligence this past weekend when we were both speaking at the same conference and met in person for the first time!

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