Conscious Communicator Power Word #40 – ACCOUNTABLE (140 words)

This week’s 2nd Power Word is also about “maturity,” ACCOUNTABLE!”

I’m looking at a book on my bookshelf called The Accountability Revolution. It’s a great concept I endorse. Unfortunately, from what I see in 2013, it hasn’t taken hold yet as the book was published in 2000.

The author’s premise is that when there is true accountability across all personnel, teams, departments, and divisions in an organization that include accountability commitments and processes to manage the accountabilities, “breakthrough results” can occur.

Absolutely correct! Yet, it must start with ourselves.

How can you, personally, be more ACCOUNTABLE and how can you create the accountability agreements necessary with your team to achieve “breakthrough results?”

“To whom,” and “for what,” must we be more ACCOUNTABLE? These two vital questions are the place to start.

Are you up for the challenge?

’til next time,

skip weisman, transforming leadership and workplace communication to deliver champion level results