Conscious Communicator Power Word #43 – INTENTION

This week’s Power Word helps in achieving goals, “INTENTION!”

There may be no more better word to associate with being a “conscious communicator” than INTENTION.

This is because without INTENTION it’s difficult to direct the results we achieve in our lives and businesses.

Being able to control our lives is vital to our psyche as human beings, and it is much easier to do that when we set INTENTION.

INTENTION gives us focus, and where our focus goes, energy flows.

Setting INTENTION at the beginning of an endeavor allows us to chart a course, take action and make adjustments in our activity to keep on course. Without INTENTION we tend to wander.

What INTENTION can you set for today that will give you the focused attention you need to achieve your most desired outcomes?

’til next time,

skip weisman, transforming leadership and workplace communication to deliver champion level results