Concscious Communicator Power Word #48 – INTERDEPENDENT

This week’s Power Word builds on the first one, “INTERDEPENDENT!”

I first began to understand the concept of INTERDEPENDENT reading Stephen Covey’s tome  7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

In today’s work environments independent employees are great to have, and INTERDEPENDENT are even better!

In 2009 Covey wrote, “Our most important work, the problems we hope to solve or the opportunities we hope to realize require working and collaborating with other people in a high-trust, synergistic way—whether at home or at work. Having an interdependent mindset, skills and tools are vital, especially now as we work through challenges unlike anything most of us have ever seen in our life time.”

Great leaders foster an INTERDEPENDENT mindset within themselves and those they lead. How can you do an even better job of it?

’til next time, feel free to leave a comment below and make it a great weekend!

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One thought on “Concscious Communicator Power Word #48 – INTERDEPENDENT

  1. Patricia Handfield says:

    Thank you Skip! Remembering that we are not alone in this is helpful, and a useful tool. Interdependence gives me a sense of being a part of a larger ‘effort.’ And, that feels good. We can each contribute, but none of us has to do it all alone.
    Seems counter to what we see modeled most of the time. Sure worth holding in mind as we go through a day.

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