Concscious Communicator Power Word #49 – APPRECIATION

This week’s Power Word reminds us of things we need more of in workplaces, and today it’s… APPRECIATION.

Too many leaders offer only “constructive feedback” and express surprise when the individuals on their teams are not open to receiving it  and “even get defensive” when hearing it.

It’s no surprise to me.

Imagine how you would feel if all you heard was “constructive feedback” and little direct, specific, positive appreciation outside of a generic “thank you.”

Therefore, for this week’s leadership activity, find one person each day to show true appreciation to.

By that I mean offer them specific positive feedback as to what they did, why you felt what they did was important and how it made a difference to you, your team and your organization.

’til next time, let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below, and make it a great week!

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