Concscious Communicator Power Word #50 – AUTHENTICITY

This week’s Power Word is another concept we need more of in leadership today, “AUTHENTICITY!”

AUTHENTICITY is an attractive trait when it comes to leadership.

AUTHENTICITY shows team members that the leader is a real person with common challenges and problems they’ve had to overcome to attain the success they’ve achieved.

Many leaders hold back on discussing their mistakes and failures for fear it will make them look weak.

Many also believe they have to have all the answers so when confronted with a situation where they may not, they fake it or make excuses, instead of being okay with their AUTHENTICITY.

The best leaders know when to be AUTHENTIC and show their warts in a way that offers transparency and builds trust.

Will you ego allow it? Either way leave a comment below!

’til next time,  make it a great weekend!

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