Concscious Communicator Power Word #51 – ELEVATE

This week’s Power Words will help with performance management: ELEVATE!

ELEVATE is something many organizations need to do regarding the standards of behavior that are accepted. Too many accept and enable mediocrity.

I’ve seen organizational leaders shy away from trying to ELEVATE standards out of the fear of his or her team’s inability to rise to the new standards.

Champions have to ELEVATE their games every step towards winning the championship. I’ve found few business leaders who have created a culture where team members embrace the opportunity ELEVATE their game.

Maybe it’s time company leaders learned how to be more like athletic coaches?

If you were to ELEVATE your game, what would you commit to? Please leave a comment below with your answer, if you dare!

’til next time, make it a great week!

skip weisman, transforming leadership and workplace communication to deliver champion level results