Procrastination Still A Problem for Success Small Business Owners

During the Champion Business Alliance Workshop last week I asked my favorite question, which broaches the subject of procrastination, “what are you not doing that you should be doing?

It never ceases to get even the most savvy and successful business owners or CEOs squirm in their seats. The list of items from our attendees included:

  • creating and implementing a marketing strategy
  • addressing my time management issues
  • addressing important personnel issues
  • performance reviews
  • following up on marketing calls
  • creating a partner agreement for our firm
  • collecting on past due receivables

The above issues are common and I hear them consistently whenever I bring up the issue of procrastination when speaking with a business owner or senior executive.

You will notice they fall into just a couple of categories, marketing and sales, personnel performance management issues, and dealing with financial issues. Although all three can cause significant problems for a business my biggest concern is addressing the performance issues. Failing to deal with employee performance can lead to low morale and poor attitudes in the workplace.

For those that want to stop procrastinating and become a more effective leader I have some resources. The resources on this page are all free audio recordings, one is an interview I did on an internet radio show with organizing expert Monica Ricci a couple of years ago, and the other is an End Procrastination NOW! tele-seminar I offered to my newsletter subscribers.

For those that would want full access to my complete workshop that helps people to stop procrastinating you can check out the full End Procrastination NOW! audio workshop here.