Remove Your L.I.D. to Improve Your Results

There are two contexts of communication you need to be concerned with as you go through your day.

Yet, most of us are only concerned with one.

We think we’re only consciously aware of one.

But, I know we’re not.

We are consciously aware of both.

It seems, though, we just ignore one of them.

And, it’s more than just a shame.

It’s negatively impacting our lives, and the results we can achieve for ourselves, our family and our business.

The one context we focus on is our external communication.

You know, the stuff that comes out of your mouth intended (or sometimes not intended, oops!) for others.

The other context we don’t pay enough attention to is our internal communication.

You know, the little man or little woman inside of you that you talk to ALL THE TIME!

Most of what is called our self-talk is not supporting us in the best way, you know?

Most of our self-talk, or what I call our “internal dialogue” is just endless loop conversations that never move us forward.

It’s what I call your L.I.D. or your “Limiting Internal Dialogue.”

This concept and title recently came to me while coaching my clients in the Communication Power for Leaders virtual training, in which we spent more than 3-hours discussing how to lift their L.I.D.

Think now about your L.I.D.

How is your L.I.D. limiting your personal and professional results.

Your L.I.D. is keeping a lid on the results you could be achieving.

I’ll write more about this soon, for now, this is just a quick note to get you thinking about how your L.I.D. may be limiting your personal and professional results.

Leave your comments below as I’d love to hear about your biggest challenges regarding your L.I.D. and offer you some strategies for removing it.

’til next time, Communicate With Power!

5 thoughts on “Remove Your L.I.D. to Improve Your Results

  1. K Chandrasekhar says:

    Everyone does self-talk. Sometimes, unconsciously we speak out loud (to ourselves), and people think we are crazy. They say we are talking to ourselves; as though it is something wrong.

  2. francisco avalos says:

    As always Skip, great topics and I really need to take one of your classes sooner or later.

    I have two L.I.Ds that drive nuts! I will call them the first one Mr. Pro and the second one Mr. Conquer.

    In my professional career, I find my L.I.D (Mr. Pro) to be conservative, reserve and careful to think about the things that i’m going to say. However, through my sports activities (Mr. Conquer), my L.I.D. is focused on moving forward, removing any doubts or most importantly – crushing any thought of pain in order to achieve the goal.

    Interestingly enough and just thinking about this topic as I’m writing about this – My two amigos adjust to the situation based on my surroundings. Mr. Pro would be more conservative because it impacts other people what I say, while Mr. Conquer is all about “me”.

    I’m not sure if this is helpful, but I thought i give you feedback on my thoughts!

    Thanks Skip!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I think this L.I.D. concept is great that it is actually something people do other than just myself. I am interested how you can handle these thoughts in a positive energy rather than let them dwindle in your mind creating all kinds of negativity and doubt.

    These thoughts are often what keep us from exceeding in life and taking that next step forward.

    Look forward to hearing and reading your limiting this problem!

  4. Skip Weisman, Workplace Communication Expert says:

    Francisco, get points and thank you for adding to the discussion here. You are not alone in your “two amigos.” I have a client with whom I’ve been working with to build his business pretty consistently for the past 8-9 years. His name is Rich and he has “Big Rich,” his adult, mature persona who does the right thing, says the right thing and cares about others, and “Little Rich,” the immature, self-centered, do whatever he wants and the hell with everyone else persona. Over the years of us working together we’ve been able to manifest “Big Rich” much more and reduce the impact of “Little Rich.”
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Skip Weisman, Workplace Communication Expert says:

    Thanks for stopping by and being inspired to share your insights and question.
    The way to turn LID into positive energy is to:
    1) realize your LID is a result of you filtering your experience. Filtering out the good, positive things you do and have done and allowing the negative, bad or wrong things in. Change your filter for what you focus on.
    2) You have the power to reframe the situation into something more positive. Every situation we experience we place a meaning on it. If the meaning isn’t serving you create a new one, ask the question, “what else could this mean?”
    3) Apply transformational vocabulary, we always use highly emotional words to describe situations. When the situation is negative it intensifies our connection to it. For example, there are different levels of upset or anger, instead of saying you’re angry or pissed off, you could simply say, I’m upset, or my favorite is peeved.” On the other side, positive words, if someone asks how you’re doing today, instead saying “Ok, good, or hanging in there, say, great, outstanding, getting better every minute.”

    Words and situational meanings have a powerful impact on how we experience any situation and its always our choice as to how we apply them. use them to make you feel the best you can!

    Hope this helps!

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