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SKIP'S CLIENT Success Stories

Your Championship Company Coaching & Consulting

Since 2002 Skip has worked with organizations who want to create championship leadership and teamwork that increases productivity, performance, and profits.

In reviewing the client case studies below you will see how Your Championship Company Game Plan not only increases productivity, performance, and profits, it creates the most positive work environment as it builds high levels of trust and respect among team members and across functional teams. This provides the right conditions to recruit, retain, and replace high-character team members that sustains the right attitudes, behaviors, performance leading to consistent “winning” seasons.

If your work environment requires human beings to communicate, collaborate, and interact, the industry doesn’t matter.

Skip’s client list ranges from financial services (banks, credit unions, and CPA firms) to field technician services (underground utility surveying, fire equipment distributors, and plumbing firms), marketing and advertising agencies, and even local governments, and non-profit organizations.


Below are four client examples of the grand slam results you can expect working with Skip to create Your Championship Company.

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Micromold Products, Inc.

A manufacturing firm with approximately 25 employees was interested in increasing sales with a more focused effort on direct outside sales. It was found that the internal work environment was in a negative, toxic state that would not support the effort.

We focused on building a more cohesive, collaborative leadership team, and helping the company owner/CEO to step up to lead his team more effectively. There was a lot of baggage and history that we needed to work through that required numerous facilitated group conversations as well as one-on-one coaching throughout the year.

There are now seven members of the company's leadership team that all have quarterly developmental goals for their specific roles and also for personal development and growth. The team is communicating better than ever and collaborating on growing the company. They've begun developing secondary leadership from among the machine shop production team.

Justin - President/CEO

Jodi - Sales Director

Yuri - Director of Production

Frank, Estimating & Nayid, Machinist:

Alyson Pitman – Privacy & Data Breach Manager – PMI Central Alabama

Skip’s session was a great combination of practicality and inspiration!

Alyson Pitman - Privacy & Data Breach Manager
PMI Central Alabama

Field Service Techs:

Utility Survey Corp.

Insubordinate long-term employees putting the company at risk with their behavior on job sites. Mutual negative feelings between key staff technicians and their boss, the company owner. This created a high-stress, low productivity work environment with reducing revenues and poor cash flow.

Implemented Playbooks 1, 2 & 3 of the Your Championship Company Game Plan starting with Playbook 1. We engaged the staff in conversations to understand their view of the situation and offered them the opportunity improve the work environment by sharing candid feedback for the owner.

Based on the staff feedback we decided to put in play an additional playbook. This is unique and available to only certain types of situations in which the business owner is open to creating a company of employees who are truly engaged in helping the company generate even greater profits and cash flow.

It’s called, The Great Game of Business. The concept around The Great Game of Business brings financial transparency to the workplace and teaches business financial literacy so that all team members understand the financial situation and how the company makes money and pays their salaries and benefits. Without adding this playbook, the results would have been minimal instead of transformational.

We also put in a process for raising fees which were below competitors in the market while accelerating cash-flow requiring deposits for booking service dates and offering credit cards as a payment option. We 'gamified' marketing efforts engaging all team members in bringing in referrals from job sites. Monthly meetings were implemented so everyone on the staff were kept current with the companies financial performance.

Technician staff stepped up to contribute to help grow the company by aggressively bringing in referrals from their job sites. Communication between team members and company owners significantly improved creating a collaborative work environment with all employees, except one, who started the program remaining with the company five years later with revenues up 51% and the company's "Championship Game Vision" of becoming a "Million Dollar" company achieved.

Employees shared in the success by receiving significant year-end bonuses, as well as incremental bonuses along the way to keep the “game” fresh and inspiring. But all bonuses incremental and year-end were based on measurable productivity and overall profitability of the company.

The difference in this Great Game of Business approach is that all employees understood their contribution to the bottom line results, knew how their bonus was calculated, and knew that for those levels to be sustained overall business performance at those levels had to be sustained in future years. This approach eliminates the entitlement mindset so many business owners experience.

If you’d like to learn more about the The Great Game of Business approach and how it can transform entitlement mindsets in your workplace go to: .

Garry - President/Owner

Shawn - Sr. Tech (20 year employee)

Lynn Nicholas – President/CEO – Massachusetts Hospital Association

Skip your presentation was really practical and stuff anyone can use everyday. You gave great examples, and walked the floor, which allowed you to relate very well to our audience!

Lynn Nicholas - President/CEO
Massachusetts Hospital Association

Independent Insurance:

Antalek & Moore

The firm was transitioning to a new leadership partner group and wanted to make sure the team members were on board. Some long-term employees were exhibiting stagnant and resistant behavior that the new firm principals were concerned with moving forward.

We implemented Playbooks 1 & 2 the Your Championship Company Game Plan. The initiative began with Playbook 1, the Culture Assessment. For this we engaged all team members in providing candid feedback on the company work environment and their feelings about the change in company leadership. From there we dove into Playbook 2, the Championship Vision & Strategy that included facilitated conversations with all team members in collaboration with the firm's partners to chart a new future together.

After two years the firm achieved is financial goals of more than 10% organic growth. All team members who were with the company when the project began remained, except one who chose on their own to move on to other opportunities. Other team members who were stagnant and resistant stepped up to higher levels of performance with improved positive mindsets.

Vince - Partner

Susan - Partner

Terry & Ed - Key Team Members

We've worked with these other independent insurance agencies with similar results:

“Before working with Skip our team was stuck in one mindset. There was a culture of complacency and disrespect. Now everyone expects more from themselves and each other, they definitely communicate better and are moving forward.”

Dwight Coombe, President
President, Sprague & Killeen Insurance

Cinderella Tollefsen – President – Alaska Medical Group Management Association

Skip you exceeded our expectations. The comments we received from our conference attendees was that each person felt like you spoke to them at their level. I would highly recommend you!

Cinderella Tollefsen - President
Alaska Medical Group Management Association

Professional Service Firms:

Interact Marketing, Inc.

The company was in a growth mode struggling with employee commitment and having department managers fulfilling their role and responsibilities consistently. The firm's principal wanted to develop systems and processes that would help in hiring more of the right people and to identify the company's future leaders.

The project incorporated Playbooks 1, 2 & 3 in Your Championship Company Game Plan. As with most every project, this began with the Playbook 1 Culture Assessment. We interviewed all team members to get feedback on the company principal and the general feeling about the company culture. From there we moved to Playbook 2, working with company leadership to create the firm's Championship Game Vision & Strategy.

Once that was in place we incorporated Playbook 3, Championship Personnel and Performance Management to engage team members in assessing their strengths and opportunities for their role and set goals for each. We then coached company leaders on implementing regular formal and informal performance conversation dialogues to create a collaborative environment. Implementing Playbook 3 led to individual and organizational momentum and the foundation for the growth the company principal was looking to achieve.

The company has experienced consistent growth while transitioning almost 100% of its personnel since the project began. The new hiring process ensured that each new team member was much more aligned with the desired company strategy, mission, and values. When we began the project the company was struggling to find team members ready, willing, and able to step up into leadership roles. Now, it has a solid leadership team the firm's principal can trust. Within 18 months revenues and profits were up, productivity was better than ever, and the project has provided the company with an 8-10 times ROI on the original project investment.

Joe - President/CEO/Principal Owner

Anthony - Sr. VP/Client Services

Professional Service Firms:


The firm was looking to develop its young team of managers into better leaders and identify potentialto future partners.

Twenty five of the firm's younger generation or managers participated in an 8-week leadership and workplace communication training and group coaching initiative. The training included the concepts of The 7 Deadliest Communication SINsand Skip's proprietary Championship Performance Management Game Plan and Playbook.

Once that was in place we incorporated Playbook 3, Championship Personnel and Performance Management to engage team members in assessing their strengths and opportunities for their role and set goals for each. We then coached company leaders on implementing regular formal and informal performance conversation dialogues to create a collaborative environment. Implementing Playbook 3 led to individual and organizational momentum and the foundation for the growth the company principal was looking to achieve.


Three (3) participants in the program have since gone on to join the partner team and those three now make up 25% of the firm's 12 partners.

Tom - Managing Partner

Rebecca, Department Manager

Tom - Managing Partner

Linda MacFarlane - CEO

Hudson-Greene Federal Credit Union

Championship Leadership Team Development

Dawn Kirspel - Vice President

The Center for Client Retention

Staff Engagement for New Growth Strategy

Kathleen Packard – President – KathodeRay Media, Inc.

The energy we gained from the team development session you facilitated has propelled our team to a new level of productivity. First quarter for our company is traditionally slow, but this year we have kicked off the new year with a bang! Our team was so energized by the work session they requested we make sure to set aside time each year to devote to similar team development exercises.

Kathleen Packard - President

Kip Summerlin – Director of Marketing – Columbia-Green Federal Credit Union

The results we achieved from our leadership team sessions with Skip went beyond my expectations. Skip’s effective facilitation style of standing back and allowing discussion to take place, while directing the discussion with poignant questions at the right moments, was well balanced and just what we needed. His direction helped us create clear guidelines for how our team will work together and communicate moving forward. As a result of his work with our leadership team, we are a moving towards a positive, high-morale, high-performance organizational culture.

Kip Summerlin - Director of Marketing

Steve Miccio - CEO

People USA

8-Years of Working With Skip Weisman

Herb Satterlee - CEO

MDA Information Systems

Senior Executive Leadership Development

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