The Risk That Almost Cost Me My Career

The biggest risk I ever took almost ended my career before it started.

My risk was that I rejected the only college internship offer that came my way.

I took this risk even though without an internship I couldn’t earn my degree, and getting my foot in the door would be very difficult.

Making matters worse, I pissed off the director of our college’s Masters Program because I turned down a Major League Baseball team.

He said to me, “Mr. Weisman, we don’t turn down offers from Major League Baseball teams.”

He could have sabotaged other opportunities. But, he didn’t have to.

It was late in the year, just weeks before professional baseball internships began, so there were no other offers before we left school for winter break.

I took this risk because I knew what I was looking for and this Major League offer wasn’t it.

Two weeks into winter break a phone call came from my ideal internship opportunity. I grabbed it, starting my 20-year baseball career.

“You don’t need self-confidence to take risks, you need to take risks to gain self-confidence.”

That’s a quote from coaching colleague Rhonda Sparks I heard her say at a training we jointly attended last year.

I thought it was brilliant!

There’s a simple 4-step model I recommend when it comes to building higher levels of self-confidence that leads to higher self-esteem –

  1. Take Risk
  2. Learn from the Experience (with failure or success)
  3. Apply Learning’s
  4. Repeat

This is a path to high levels of self-esteem.

You read last week about my own challenges with self-esteem.

Depending on the situation those old demons still pop up from time to time.

When those old demons pop up, I always refer back to this model.

It works, I promise! Give it a try.

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