Simplify Workplace Communication Down to These 3 Basic Issues

3 Common Workplace Communication Issues

As a big ice hockey fan one of the phrases I hear a lot from the coaches and players when things aren’t going well is “we have to simplify our game.”

It’s the same when communication isn’t going well in your workplace.

So, this will be a simple communication assessment tip for you.

There are three fundamental types of communication issues you may be experiencing, it’s either:

3 Common Workplace Communication Issues

  1. Too Little Communication:
    This commonly referred to as a “lack of communication.” This creates mind-reading & assumptions being made, and the rumor mill.
  2. Too Much Communication:
    Creates confusion, lack of clarity around priorities, mixed-messages, duplication of efforts.
  3. Wrong Type/Style of Communication:
    Often the medium doesn’t match the message or the audience/recipient, tone and body language is inappropriate, the communication occurs in the wrong environment, etc.

Where do you find most of your workplace communication problems? Please leave a comment below and add to the discussion.

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‘til next time, remember, Communicate With Power!

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